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Staff at Chadbourne

801 Plymouth Ave.
Fremont, CA 94539

T: 510-656-5242
F: 510-656-6026

Kimberley Pedrotti, Principal
Trudy Wentworth, School Secretary
Rod Victorine, Office Assistant
Tammi Viegas, Office Assistant / Attendance 

Most staff e-mail addresses use the first letter of their first name and the entire last name, in all lower case, followed by

Teachers at Chadbourne (lastname, first)

Armstrong, Roger
Bernstein, Jennifer
Bhatter, Prachi
Bianchi, Jaclyn
Bierman, Susie
Bozzo, Lisa
Calimlim, Stacie
Chandrasekaran, Anitha
Chon, Victoria
Delvin, Adrienne
Farmer, Rebecca
Fenimore, Traci
Gala, Kusum
Herskovich, Alexander
Huckaby Green, Nicole
Johnson, Katie
Johnson, Kimberly
Karney, Kelly
Kurtz, William
Landon, Sarah
Lira, Laura
Loo, Chen (Mrs. Jessica Wong)
Lopez, Dorothy
Lorenzana, Reynaldo (Dondi)
Losson, Jerry
Lotz, Mary
Mead, Jennifer
Olson, Rebecca
Paul, Sherry
Richards, Norma
Rynd, Cheryl
Simon, Sarah
Stanwood, Melanie
Sun, Jiwen
Testard, Caroline
Thompson, Suzanne
Upton, Patricia
Wang, Judy

First Last Name Email   Phone (Ext.) Room Grade (Dept.) Job Title
Kimberly Pedrotti   656-5242 Office Administration Principal
Trudy Wentworth     Office Administration Secretary